Sunday, October 4, 2009

w00t! kate is back!

I know I was away for a really long time - I have excuses, but not any sufficient ones, so I'll just pass - but I'm back! My presence isn't going to make much of anything different, but just because we need all the people possible in fangirlism (lol) I guess I'll do whatever I can.

I still don't think I'll be able to come on here often, but as I've already said I will do whatever I can. Just...thank you to all the people who were around the community when I wasn't, and even when I am around. Hope to see you around a little more!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

happy (belated) birthday suwon

I /realise/ I'm posting like three days late, but I really kept forgetting and then I just didn't have time. I even gave up on the Inkigayo thing despite the fact that I had an excuse /every single week/ for not going...because I /knew/ I had a really crazy schedule today and everything, and it's been the way the past week and all. I apologise, Izzru, if I sort of halfforced you to make a post on your english blog -lol - but I fully understand you're busy and all. We all have problems of our own to be concerned about.

Anyways. I still haven't finished my Jaejin post, and I promise I'll get to that, but first, Suwon oppa, happy birthday. First, if you could present us an album before October (as I hear it is) that would be excellent, because two years is a looooong time to be waiting (I'll be studying, thanks-_-) but if you can't, we understand. You know what would be ideal is if sw could go under jw's label, but of course these are unrealistic expectations - let's just first hope that sw stabilises his label or something so that when he comes back from service he'll be able to stay active.

wait, to keep you entertained while I continue to ramble on about suwon, Jangsuwon anyone? I remember seeing a picture of Suwon in front of a restaurant called Jangsuwon - it was seriously the most hilarious thing ever. Anyways. This is hilarious as well...the first is some cheap-looking medical shopping mall or something and the second is some sort of seniors service or something? I have no idea, I spent like two seconds on the sites.

Anyways. Happy birthday Suwon. Whenever I listen to Jekki songs I start thinking how small of a part he had had back then, and...yeah. He's progressed alot through what he's been doing these days. So, in the hope that he gets back from service super quick and keeps progressing :D

(+)Just something I think alot about these days, but just after disbandment all the members were much more active than they are now - and more people were aware of them and all. Now I start thinking about when they (jj and sh especially) will come back,,,and eventually when they do how the general public's perception will be. I might be a selfish fan...but a couple years is a long time to wait.

Monday, July 13, 2009

happy bday jaejin<3

I didn't have enough time all day, but I didn't want to make this post tomorrow so I'm doing it now (30 minutes before tomorrow. lol). I'll add more later - atm as I said with my computer issues and all I don't have any pictures on me, and to search would be impossible as it seems right now.

Anyways, Jaejin. Happy birthday. I don't have much time so I'll keep it short - thank you and be happy, that's my only wish. We hadn't known what he had been going through - and even now, we can't understand - but I really do support Jaejin in everything.

Come back soon and start music again! <3

More later. I have a lot more to say, and I feel like I just cut everything off- as I said, more later. For the time being, if I have trouble getting to comments and everything, it's nothing personal XP bear with me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

this isn't what I should be doing right now XP

This was apparently from this tv special that the 1n2d members were in. I think it was filling in a blank about a certain member, and this was jw's. I just wanted to share :)
so, translated :
jw is (smart when it comes to tricking others)
is (a foreigner)
is (in love)
is (a next-generation MC)
is (fat) LOL who wrote this?
is (shorter than me)

What suddenly struck me was that - I'm not sure how long he's been in 1n2d, but soon (or has it already passed that stage?) he'll have done it longer than jekki.

That just made me sad.

I mean, I like to be able to see jw almost every day of the week on TV and all, but 1n2d? I don't feel he has any sort of connection to it. Which is something I'm always saying, and what I say really doesn't affect anything - but it's just something I'm always thinking and saying. But still, if so many of the Jekki members are out of our sight, then I suppose it's all right to just keep at least one of them with us. Whether he gains a ridiculous amount of weight or not.

Anyways. I heard Izzru's in Korea, and I am currently busy with all my debate stuff (yeah, school stuff). I'm going to meet someone today who apparently attends Yoonjung Middle School. Ring any bells at all? x) I'll give you time to guess where/why that school is of any importance to me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mnet top 100 idols <3 our boys


it's not deleted. (!!!!!)

I saw a clip from this tv special, but just the jw part, a while ago - and when I checked again recently I found out it was deleted. I don't know where this came from, but I really really really really wanted to see the rest of it. Actually the real story goes like this: I was with (of course, non-fan) friends when I was watching the end part of this, so all I saw was #25 eun jiwon, and that was all I could find on Youtube, but I knew the rest of them /were/ in there. What matters is that, yes, I finally found it!

yesterday I was doing something at my desk when someone passed by - I had my cellphone on the corner of the desk (yes, I use my cellphone as a paperholder or mp3 player most of the time. making phone calls/ text messages is just a minor function) and, passing by, the person picked my phone up, looking at it. She then proceeded to open it (or slide it, whatever phrase works).
other person: OH! you like ko jiyong??(note: at the time I had a jiyong mainscreen thing, but I changed it five times a day :P)
me: sure, a lot
other person: Oh yeah, I remember them. I used to like Ko Jiyong too - and I was okay with them, Sechs Kies...
me: *lauhgs* nice to hear
other person: I wonder what he's doing now. How old is he? He'd still be good looking, huh?

I often have these conversations with people. A lot of people ask me what Jiyong's up to (strangely. It's not just Jiyong that's 'missing', but a lot of people are curious about him anyways for some reason). And I just thought - many people, when talking to me about Sechs Kies, seem to feel some sort of a connection (?) with the past, and when they just pronounce those four syllables it sounds like the word hasn't been on their lips for a really long time. Sort of like how at the end of the first Narnia movie, Lucy Pevensie talks about the Lamp thing (anyone get it? lol) - and how it wasn't that they forgot, it was just that other things seemed more important and that was how nine years passed. And then when they think about it ('it' referring to jekki, or fangirlism, or anything), it seems like they're being reminded of something that was always there but just not anything to be concerned about.

Does this make any sense? Anyways. I don't really get it either. What's important, either way, is that Jekki is still in the hearts of a lot of people. That's always what it's like - when I'm listening to jekki songs and I share an earphone with someone else and they're like "OH! I know this!", or when they happen to see a jekki picture I have stamped anywhere (it's a hobby. don't ask :D). And then they seem to have this Hard to explain in words. But it's there.

반가움. This is the word I thought for a long time about. This expresses it all - but it's too hard to translate. "반가움 delight;joy;gladness" is what is says in the dictionary, but beyond that, it means - like the emotion you feel when you meet a friend from a long time ago. Like being reminded of something, or like meeting again with a part of what made you the person that you are. Anyways, just a thought.

I have these long thoughts and I like to organise them as much as possible - which results in a lot of rambling. Bear with me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

long post ahead :D

This keeps happening where I write a really long post and then it just gets deleted AHHHHHHHH I hate this thing. let me try to remember what I said the first time ;;

1. okay, fine. I like this song. Or at the very least, I have a spot in my heart for it. It was stuck in my head the past few days (I hadn't even listened to it recently. It was just in my head somewhere I guess, which makes me feel strangely guilty), and I saw Moon Heejun come back and saw him around on tv over the weekend (a lot. Seriously) - and btw, Jiwon, remind you of anything??? It feels...not do so many non-jekki posts, so I found a compromise. I figured I needed to get this out of my head, but it just kept running circles and so I thought okay, fine. So. As a tribute to the HOT-Jekki connection and our wonderful days when this was possible, here you go.

2. Squeal!!! Eye contact!!! I love them all in this thing. Quality - sigh.

3. Isn't it scary how they all make other peoples' songs like their own? I've seen a lot of their cover acts, and it's all just amazing. They make the song theirs. Compared to today's artists covering their 90's seonbaes (especially Jekki), our boys just make everything theirs. Sigh, how could anyone /not/ love them? I can't stand what the kids today do to Jekki songs - especially SS501. Don't watch. They've done Pom Pom and Couple to my knowledge, and they butcher the song up. First, DSP is not something to be proud of. That is the only thing that SS501 and our boys will ever have in common, and it's not. something. to. be. proud. of. Also, if you're going to do a Jekki song, at least do it well? Maybe Jekki is a high standard, but I don't hold the same standards for covers anyways. Sigh. I also hate how people compare today's celebrities to the 90s idols,,,but I could talk forever about this. And I won't.

4. Random stuff, but my computer broke down again, and this time it wouldn't even turn on - so I replaced it, but it's not new, it's actually just an old one that was around the house. The problem is that what I had left of my Jekki media on that computer (because that was like the tenth time my C drive got bugged, and so whatever was left) I just had to say goodbye to. Which means my posts will forever depend on Youtube. The conditions for my life as a fan are just totally crappy (even in Korea), and this computer is just as unstable as the old one. Bear with me. On top of that, this computer (or is it the internet connection? I'll find out which, but it's almost ninety-nine percent the computer) has a hard time receiving foreign servers, or managing two different tasks at a time. What I do on the computer normally consists of three different tasks, two on foreign servers, so I'll have a hard time with this, but as long as I have a computer and an internet connection at all I'll keep doing this. I'll just have to learn patience, but if it's for my oppas it's all good :)

5. Anyone watch Gag Concert this week? Park Jisun's Couple parody. It wasn't funny or anything, but thanks Ms. Park for the mention anyways. Posting later. I had posted a translation of the part and all, but it got deleted, so since it's like this anyways I'll just post a better post on it later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

jiyong: hbd

sorry about the late post. I've been busy with life these days (sigh) so I had no time. anyways. hbd jiyong oppa. Once I catch up on life, I'll fix this layout (yes, I /am/ aware of how boring it is) and...yeah. Anyways. hbd jiyong.

seriously. There are a few songs in which all I can hear is Jiyong's voice. His voice stands out especially more than anyone else. IMO in songs like Will You Remember his voice is the most distinguishable from all the other members. Which is why I like him so much. Life is unfair though, when you think about it, because some people are blessed with above-average height and good looks and an angelic voice and everything else.

Anyways. good luck, jiyong, with everything you're doing. Thanks for everything you've been to the hearts of fans.

(google! you stupid thing! not kwon jiyong, I'm not interested in Kwon Jiyong!)

- I couldn't post yesterday, as I said up there, but I remembered too that it was Canada Day. yeah, I remember all the fireworks and everything (sparklers were the best. especially burning grass with them. nevermind) and that being Jiyong's birthday as well - yeah. July 1st means a lot to me as well.

okay, I know it's jy's birthday and that's what's important, but look at this !!! If this was what he was cutting his hair off for, all is forgiven :DD I totally squealed out loud when I saw this (that was after I checked like five times that it aired last week and not three years ago). omgsh. Seriously. All is forgiven. :DD